One Dog Saved a Whole Town in a Week

Watch more videos in our new App: Do you love incredible stories of animals saving human lives? Well, then this one will definitely amaze you. In the fall of 1924, Curtis Welch, the only doctor of the port town of Nome in Alaska, raised the alarm: there was too little of the cure for diphtheria — a disease that was quite common for the time. Dr. Welch ordered an additional batch and was hoping to receive it before winter because otherwise the town would be locked out by ice for 8 months. But the ship with the cure didn’t make it in time, and the town had no choice but to wait until spring. There were no signs of an outbreak in Nome, but Dr. Welch was still beside himself for some reason. In December, he took in several children with a sore throat, and although he ruled out diphtheria, his suspicions grew with every passing day. Until finally, in January 1925, they turned out to be correct: he officially diagnosed the first case of the disease. Nome was home to about 2,000 people, but 10,000 more lived in the surrounding area, all at risk of contracting the illness. Over a million units of the cure were found across the country and shipped to Alaska. But the real challenge was to get them to Nome itself… #brightside Music by Epidemic Sound Subscribe to Bright Side :
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