Top 5 genetically modified fruits

1. Arctic apple

Created to resist turning brown, these apples are available in the US. Once the apple is cut, the inside is prevented from changing colour. Those responsible for modifying the apples claim that foods with these qualities will help to reduce food waste.

2. Peachy strawberries

Strawberries are being experimented with in order to give them the sweetest taste possible. In a merger between two fruits, some modification is producing strawberries that are peach flavoured.

3. Disease-resistant bananas

A common disease in bananas called fusarium wilt has prompted scientists to develop a batch of resistant bananas. This will ensure that these bananas can all stay healthy for consumption.

4. Spicy tomatoes

Some Brazilian scientists are testing the possibility of hot tomatoes with their spicy selection. Tomatoes have some of the same genes which produce spicy chemicals as chillies, but they are dormant. Altering this part of the genome, tomatoes could be used as more accessible chillies.

5. Rainbow papaya

The rainbow papaya was modified to make papaya production more efficient. Papaya farms across Hawaii were suffering from a loss of a huge number of their fruit to the ringspot disease. Since commercialisation in 1998, the rainbow papaya is claimed to have saved the industry in Hawaii.

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